Care & Maintenance
Care & Maintenance Stainless Steel Sink


Caring for your

Stainless Steel Sink

Care Guide Stainless Steel Sink


Everyday cleaning

✓ Rinse your sink thoroughly after each use. Stainless steel looks best if it’s cleaned regularly

✓ Dry your sink with a dry, soft, absorbent cloth after each use. This prevents the build up of mineral deposits on the sink surface.


Regular Care

✓ Clean your sink thoroughly once a week. Rub in the direction of the satin finish lines, using a manufacturer recommended cleaner.

✓ Wipe your sink with glass cleaner for added shine.

✓ Use a non-abrasive stainless steel cleaner or metal polish to make existing scratches less noticeable.


Preventing damage

✓ Use a bowl protector or dish basket when washing cutlery, pots and pans, and other metal cooking equipment, to guard against scratching.

✗ Don’t leave fruits or juices on the sink. Wipe these up immediately, as they contain citric acids which over time can etch the surface.

✗ Don’t leave chlorine/chloride chemicals on the sink, as these could damage the surface.

✗ Don’t leave bars of soap, wet sponges or cleaning pads on the sink ledge. Over time, these items will dull and possibly pit the sink finish.

✗ Don’t store chemicals underneath your sink (acids, chlorine, bleaches etc.)

✗ Don’t allow liquid soap or cleanser to dry on the surface of the sink. Most brands contain chemicals that can affect the lustre of the sink.