Care & Maintenance
Care & Maintenance Metal Drawer Adjustments


Metal Drawer Adjustments


To fine-tune the position of your drawer fronts, pop off the Trends Kitchens branded cap to reveal the adjustment panel.

Adjusting Metal Drawers

➊ Height adjustment of drawer front

Turn the thumb wheel to move the drawer front up and down (±2mm).


➋ Sideways adjustment of drawer front

Only use the adjustment panel on the right-hand side of the drawer. Turn the screw to move the drawer front from side to side (±1.5mm).


➌ Remove drawer front

Press the blue button to remove the drawer front. For pot and pan drawers, you’ll also need to unscrew the rail.


➍ Tilt adjustment of pot and pan drawer front

Twist the gallery rail  clockwise to tilt the drawer front back, and  anticlockwise to tilt the drawer front forwards.


To remove metal drawers

Empty the drawer before attempting to remove it. The weight of the drawers may be more than you expect.

Open the drawer until fully extended.

Locate the catches behind the front panel — there’s one on each side. Press the catches while pulling the drawer forward.

Removing metal drawers


To refit drawers

Position the drawer onto the runner and push it into place. It will be automatically connected to the runner by the two catches.

Refitting metal drawers