Proform Doors

Custom made thermal formed doors

Proform Doors

Your doors and cabinets make up the largest visible area of your kitchen, it’s important to choose products that you’ll enjoy for years to come. Proform doors offer a beautiful, durable range of options.

Custom made

Choose a style of door and a colour to match your kitchen decor, and we’ll make the perfect doors for your kitchen. A sheet of coloured vinyl is laid over your custom made doors in a vacuum press to create a beautiful, functional finish.

Environmentally conscious

At Trends Kitchens, we use highly moisture resistant (HMR) and low emission (Eo) board for the construction of your new kitchen doors and cabinets.

Standard 1

Standard 2

Special Edge 1

Special Edge 2

Classique 1

Classique 2

Heritage 1

Heritage 2

Heritage 3

Heritage 4

Regency 1

Regency 2

Regency 3