Plados Telma

Composite kitchen sink technologies

Plados Telma

Composite kitchen sink technologies

Plados Telma Italian sinks use an innovative compound material that is antibacterial, resist stains, impact, scratches and heat. These great qualities come together in a product that surpasses expectations.


Air purifying sinks

The natural antibacterial agent, photocatalyctic titanium dioxide, eliminates germs and bacteria helping reduce bad smells, both on sink and in the air, making a fresh and healthy kitchen.

Ultra Clean

Self cleaning surfaces

With Ultraclean protection water droplets do not break up, but slide away reducing the surface’s wet level. With a high resistance to stains, these sinks are very easy to clean and will last a lifetime.


Antibacterial Protection

A sink in contact with food can transmit bacterial infections. With Plados Telma sinks provided with antibacterial protection, the risk is reduced, offering more safety to the family.


A beautiful range

The Plados Telma range of sink bowls comes in a range of elegant colours to compliment any design, all made from the durable 80% granite quartz, 20% resin compound material.


Amanda 11620 (Coming Soon)

Amanda 7810

Amanda 7815

Amanda 8620

Cube 5610

Cube 4110